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Why the ACA (Obamacare) is Bad Medicine – An Open Letter to Lowell

October 6, 2013 4 Comments
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Rather than completely hijack a Facebook friend’s post on her profile about her concern over the MASSIVE trove of medical information the United States government is collecting under the auspices of the Affordable Care Act (aka the ACA or “Obamacare”) and what they plan to do with all of that information, I’ve decided to move an argument being made by one of her detractors to my personal blog.

The discussion is predicated upon this article posted to

To which “Lowell” posted:

Since insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, thanks to the AHA, this data, which had been used AGAINST the people in the past, is now collected solely for the benefit of the patient, so that a doctor gets all the background information, which only aids in the ability to better diagnose and treat the patient. Do you really think anyone in the government gives a rip about your mamogram or PSA test results. Get real.”

To which the original poster and others flatly disagreed. Lowel continued,

What is it you disagree with? The fact that the AHA prevents insurance companies from discriminating against citizens due to pre-existing conditions? The fact that doctors who have your complete medical records, like what drugs you are allergic to, or what your previous illnesses were, can treat you better? The fact that no one in government has the time or any reason to read through 330 million health records just because mammograms or PSA test results are so interesting? Or do you simply disagree because you have been told to by Faux “news?”

Out of my respect for the original poster and her friendship with Lowell, I’m bringing that discussion here, where at least we can shed a bright shining light on the issues playing out all over American, between Americans, about the new tax (the US Supremem Court has ruled the ACA is constitutional because it represents a tax rather than a federal law) disguised as health care reform.

I promise to leave everyone’s replied unedited if there is at least some modicum of decency…


Dear Lowell,

You regurgitated all of the MSNBC talking points. Good work. I’m sure that you’ll get a gold star sticker from the Liberals through the mail for your conformity to their standards.

Let me start off by first saying that I am NOT directly affected by Obamacare and not subjected to mandated coverage or fines because I live outside of the United States where media coverage of US affairs tends to be detached from the politics. I am, however, affected as an American and am wholly interested in my rights, responsibilities and legacy as an American. Of course I believe that every human being should have access to affordable healthcare and that people should not be discriminated against due to pre-existing condition.

(Let’s be honest though, questioning anyone’s compassion for the poor and sick is a weak straw man argument. Everyone pushing the ACA down the throats of those who oppose the ACA tax (it is a tax) would have you believe that we are all cold, heartless bastards chomping at the bit to throw our infirm grandmothers in the dumpster; you might as well just get on with the inevitable and call them racists, too… You know you want to.)

I also believe that we have to find a fair way to afford that “universal healthcare” without placing an even greater burden on our over-taxed citizens and business owners.

I’ve chosen to look at the ACA conflict raging in our country right now through a much more objective lens than partisan ideology offers. I don’t know you but one quick glance through your Facebook profile and it’s not much of a stretch to say that you are clearly against the Conservatives. There’s definitely a lot of contempt there but very little in the way of intellectual capital present to support it. I suppose that it’s just easier to “share” and “like” someone else’s thoughts rather than to form our own these days. Before you start bashing people for their politics and their personal choice in TV channels take a step back and look at your own vitriol. You will be complaining when your party is no longer calling the shots and your interests in Washington are not being advocated, too.

Out of intellectual curiosity and transparency, Lowell, are you an employee or on disability? Do you have medical insurance now? Will you be buying into ACA health insurance exchanges? (Though I expect that if you were not buying into the ACA, that you would tell us that you were and how great it will be anyway.) Sounds to me like you have a pre-existing condition or you have some other financial stake in ACA’s implementation. Do you get a tax refund every year? Are you on any form of government assistance? I understand that these are very personal questions but I’m trying to understand your motivation and the man behind the opinion.

To be fair, I’ll answer the same questions. As Americans how can we understand one another if we do not know from where each is coming, right?

I am not an employee or on disability. I am semi-retired after building an online training subsidiary of my current business and selling it off last year. I do still own an active and successful business but will probably sell or shutter that business in the next couple of months. I live in Aruba and because I am not subjected to the ACA, will not be buying into the program; health care abroad is less expensive and oftentimes more efficient for my family’s pretty mundane needs. As a micro business owner and employer I pay almost 28% in taxes. I do not receive any government assistance other than some contracts through which I have provided services to a few agencies as a independent contractor. I am a veteran of the United States Navy.

With that out of the way…

Are you aware that the people the ACA purports to benefit, the poor and under-employed who are usually uninsured, by and large cannot afford, even with tax payer funded subsidies, to purchase this insurance provided through the exchanges? Instead of jubilant placated masses with free healthcare, rainbows and unicorns, they are now shocked that they are going to be required to pay fines for not paying this new mandatory tax. This group is going to explode in numbers when (if) signing up through the exchanges ACTUALLY WORKS and then again when the fines start being levied. They are a class of Americans in upheaval right now and ironically tend to affiliate with the Democratic ticket.

How about the tens of thousands of Americans who have either already lost their jobs or have gone from full-time with benefits to part time with almost nothing? Obamacare will require businesses with 50 employees or more to provide medical insurance for full-timers, but won’t require it when employees work less than 30 hours a week. You know that this number is going to skyrocket well into the hundreds of thousands of people, right? Even MSNBC is talking about them…

How about small business owners? You know, the ones that employ well over 50% of America’s work force and drive innovation and creativity in ways that big corporations cannot keep up with. When did healthcare transition from a BENEFIT used to attract employees to companies to a MANDATE? Why are small business owners now choosing to shutter their businesses rather than be crushed under the weight of the ACA taxes on business when they are already paying a disproportionate percentage of corporate taxes? Can that possibly be good for America?

No, this tax only benefits a small minority of people… those with pre-existing conditions that can afford healthcare, some employees of small businesses that can otherwise not afford to provide healthcare and those many protected classes of people getting exemptions from the ACA. It is not surprising that the only ones really championing the cause right now is in this small cross-section of America, the politicians who voted for it and those who just flat out hate Conservatives.

If the ACA was really as great as you really wish it was EVERYONE would be flocking to the system! Instead, people from all walks of life and political affiliations are waking up to the facts and realities of this new TAX (which is really just a redistribution of wealth) and see it as bad medicine.

Lastly, the low hanging fruit:

Please, give me one single instance in which our government has attempted to manage something of this magnitude and not demonstrably bungled it. What’s historically been the fix? Throwing more government stimulus money at it or scrapping it (which also costs a great deal of money).

Where exactly does that money come from? I’m guessing that answer is a bit of a disconnect for the “tax receivers,” too.

We have to pass Obamacare so that we can find out what's in it.

And, yes, I am sick over the fact that no one is really talking yet about all of the non-government sub-contractors, facilitators, consultants and “navigators” that are going to be collecting and storing our sensitive, personally identifiable information and medical histories as they are guiding Americans into healthcare exchanges either.

What standard of care will they exercise in protecting that information and what types of people will get through the hiring processes?

There will be unintentional data breaches as well as efforts to obtain that information for a myriad of nefarious purposes. I do not have a shred of confidence at all in the types of third-party organizations with whom the Obama administration and their ilk have historically contracted to “get shit done.”

Voodoo on the ACA and the blind acceptance of our leadership who decided that we had to, “pass it before we can find our what’s in it.” which sounds a lot like a case of professional negligence to me.


Update: Lowell managed to muster up a pretty flaccid, but intellectually honest, comment via Facebook: 

“Who was that masked man? Must be the lunatic he looks like and must be ashamed of his face. Mine in on my post, my facts are just that and his opinion is laughable and meaningless, proves absolutely nothing but his ignorance.”

Bravo, Lowell.

About the Author:

L. Scott Harrell is a retired high profile private investigator and online entrepreneur. This is his personal blog and opinions; they may not reflect those of his companies' management, employees or business partners. Posts may contain strong language and controversy.

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  1. Jim Rorie says:

    Bravo Scott! and I think Lowell’s response displays is true intelect as well as his inability or lack of desire to even attempt thinking for himself. His “facts” will change when Rachel Maddowss tells them to him. Thank you for a coherant and civil explanation of the catastrophie that is in this ACA.

  2. Amy Burch says:

    Excellent commentary, Scott. ACA is, indeed, a tax. I further believe that it will be used more sinisterly in the future as a method of population control.

    Something that I cannot get passed in “Lowell’s” original comments was his question/statement to his FB friend as follows, “What is it you disagree with? The fact that no one in government has the time or any reason to read through 330 million health records just because mammograms or PSA test results are so interesting?” Is Lowell truly that simple minded and blindly trusting of our government? Is he not aware that we live in the digital age where mining of massive datasets are commonplace? Has he ever heard of a keyword filter? Has it not occurred to him that the collection of personal medical information can be sifted through rather efficiently by numerous computer programs WITHOUT reading each and every individual document as a human would and the purpose would be to flag specific medical conditions and then deny said people of appropriate care? Or, worse, to categorize them as crazy, infirm, not worth treating, etc., etc. I guess in his little perfect fantasy world this isn’t a possibility or even the overall goal of ACA.

    And what is this nonsense about the collection of data affording my doctor more information about me than he would have had otherwise? Are you serious? My doctor has my complete medical record and none of the information came to him from the government, I assure you!

    Anyway, good job refuting his regurgitated liberal argument. I, too, believe we must find a “fair way to afford that “universal healthcare” without placing an even greater burden on our over-taxed citizens and business owners” as you stated.

  3. joe from florida says:

    and the GOP has now fully endorsed it, and we’re screwed forever. F the GOP.

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