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Some of You Are Being Unfriended on Facebook. It’s Me, Not You.

February 3, 2016 0 Comments
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Unfriended on Facebook - Let's Connect on InstagramOK. I really debated with myself about whether or not I should post this or not, especially because it only applies to my current Facebook connections. In the end, my decision to post this came down to my consideration of other people’s feelings; undeniably, some people get a bit freaked out when they’ve found out they have been unfriended on Facebook (regardless of the real underlying relationship or history). I thought I would save some of you the anxiety of sending me that private message asking why we are no longer Facebook friends.

This is just a well-meaning message meant to head off any consternation:

For a long while I have been paring down my public Facebook presence, though I admit that I cannot quit Facebook entirely, and tomorrow I plan on removing at least another 30 to 40 people – maybe more.


There is a term called “digital sharecropping” I’d sincerely like you to look up at some point. As it applies to personal branding, for those of us who are even paying attention, I’m concerned about a few of the social networks’ use of my information and interests to make money from the value I add (we ALL add) by using and contributing to their networks. There has been a marked increase in the invasion of our privacy, tracking of our off-of-network online activity (“remarketing” is another creepy concept) and, most importantly, their leverage of each of our individual relationships with each other; our commonality, the competition (or struggle) to remain relevant in each other’s newsfeeds and the types of posts we respond to are all being monetized.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL ABOUT MONETIZATION but it is becoming unnecessarily invasive.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with you personally, I’m not mad at anyone and no one has upset me personally, but if we’re not related, more than casually acquainted these days or we are not regularly interacting with each other on FB, then what’s the point of cluttering up each other’s newsfeeds? Right? To put this in perspective, I’m unfriending my oldest brother because he has not engaged with any of my posts in God only knows how long despite being active on Facebook (perhaps EdgeRank had something to do with it, but who really knows?).

If our relationship is marginal or past its prime, then I don’t want to add to the commercialization or privacy complications of our online activities.

OK. To be perfectly honest, some of you ARE being unfriended for being unnecessarily inflammatory, posting pics of dead or decapitated humans and animals. We can be friends in real life but not on Facebook. Some people just act so much differently online than offline that we don’t need to strain our real lives. I have to believe that you know who you are.

If you unfriend me I promise not to send you a message questioning why.

My goal is not to unnecessarily bore you with my pointlessness or to alienate you. If you’re not interested in my daily blathering, Instagram pictures, marketing news, personal updates and humor, then this is just easiest for everyone and I’ll be the bad guy in this instance. Only about 15% of my Facebook friends were interested enough in my last blog post, about my new professional direction and one I thought was pretty important to me personally, to click through my Facebook post link.

I had much better engagement through LinkedIn, Google+ and even Twitter. LOL!

I’m not leaving Facebook and will, of course, continue to share most of my posts publicly. If you are “subscribed” to my posts then nothing will really change and you will still be able to comment on whatever I post whenever you’d want; there will just be an occasional private post and I make prior public posts unavailable from time to time.

If you find yourself needing to get a hold of me, I’m really easy to contact through my blog here at and am transitioning more towards Google+ at

If you REALLY want to stay connected, please let me know! A Facebook message would be best!

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