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Starting a Business Begins with a Dream

October 27, 2016 0 Comments
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Walking down familiar streets, cars pass and horns beep; the sights and sounds are just as you remember them. After all, how could they not be? This is the very place you grew up. The shop windows are all lit up and passers-by glow in the iridescent light. You turn the corner and see a shop that was your favorite which has none of the activity that’s present in the adjacent buildings.

A sign is hung from the window that reads “Sorry…We’re Closed and No Longer in Business.”

To most that may be a small sad moment in their day that is shrugged off with a sigh or disappointed frown, before walking off to continue the day. However, unlike the common reaction, I feel a much larger sense of emotion tied to this type of sight, that some may describe as being a failed business. Regardless of the type, a small business is a precious thing that exists for more than just the public’s needs or monetization thereof. Starting a business takes a dream. Many folks dream about doing the one thing they’ve wanted to do since childhood – the one whimsical thought that keeps them sane through the 9-5 office tedium. The “wouldn’t it be great if I could just do [insert dream job here] for a living?” There is a lot of weight to these thoughts, and acting on them takes more courage than one might think. We are all at a different place in our lives. Some have a relationship with another, some have children, a mortgage, and some have just finished school, looking to make their way in the world. The one constant is that owning a small business is hard work and a lot more complex than many people at first realize.

Just as every person is unique, every business is unique.

Where you are, and your current circumstances determine much of what it is possible to act upon. This for the most part is a common misconception. With my current startup ambitions, my hopes are to work with the individual who has these dreams, and doesn’t know where to start, or what is possible, and to help them through the steps of happiness, horrors and the personal fulfillment of self employment.

Unlock Your Business Potential and Being Successful TogetherI also have the desire to help the current business owner looking to expand or perhaps rebrand, or to make the changes they’d like to see. Regardless of religion, world views, morality, etc, there should be a common belief amongst everyone that each day should be spent happy. Life is too short to spend every day doing something you don’t enjoy. Situations and circumstances can be met and appropriately addressed, but they needn’t be a reason to stop you going for it!

Take a few moments after reading this to think about the things in your life that you would love to do, and then to think about how your situation can be altered so that it can happen. I’d love to hear from each and every one of you about this, whether it’s just your thoughts , or if you’re in need of some assistance; we are all in this together.

So why not make the best of every day as we circle the sun?

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About the Author:

L. Scott Harrell is a retired high profile private investigator and online entrepreneur. This is his personal blog and opinions on his travel; they may not reflect those of his sponsors and business partners. Posts may contain strong language and controversy.

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