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A Small Town Mexican Girl Thinks the United States Sucks – So?

October 29, 2014 4 Comments
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In response to a post from “Vómito De Syrena,” a woman from Cozumel, Mexico, to a Facebook group consisting mostly of American expats living in Cozumel:

Hi guys, I would like to express my first experience in USA, how can be the people so different? Since I was 14 I started to work with tourists here in Cozumel and every time I tried to be friendly and gave them the best service even when I was tired, sick, stressful, sad, my smile was always there.

Well I thought that over there it would be the same… HAHAHA I forget that I’m Mexican, my arrived in Philadelphia was awful, the people was too rude at me, the funny thing was that one of them was Latino, he thought that I was illegal he didn’t told me “welcome” or something… (when every time that you come here, we give you a warm welcome and a big smile.)

Anyway, or second arrived was in Boston, and believe me the only thing that I really like it was the buildings and some parks, I really heat the food (it was so expensive and horrible) the weather was crazy but to be honest I didn’t care, but again the people was sooooo rude with us!! I didn’t know what happened to them every time that we ask them something they answered like a robots, anyway if some day I want to come back, trust me it will be just for shopping, I can’t believe it that there is cheaper than here I won’t change my Mexico for nothing.

And really what happen with the homeless people???? Omg!! I saw a lot of them!! And the pathetic part was that they are young!!! And I saw too a lot of crazy people in the subway xD is the first time that I see something like that, I know that Mexicans are crazy (really, we are) but not to much. Hahaha.

We went to New York too, but it was the same

Now I understand why you live here…

Pinche Extranjero!“Vómito,” from your post and other comments in this thread it’s pretty clear that you haven’t “gotten out” much and that’s OK but you should at least remember that you don’t have a lot of experience in foreign places before disparaging a HUGE country of 400 million people based upon your very limited experience.

I am sorry that you “feel” like you had a bad experience – because that is what counts; your experience is your own.

Honestly, it sounds to me like you already had your mind made up that you would be treated (or were being treated) differently because you’re Mexican. That’s silly. In the United States, Hispanics make up 20% of the population; we’re all very used to seeing Hispanics in just about every corner of the country and most definitely in all of the big cities. You are not unusual or all that foreign there, yet you expected to be treated as such.

Sorry, but I’d also call you a bit naive if you believe what everyone tells you.

Seriously? You honestly believe that more Texans are racist??? 

That’s every bit as rattlebrained as me thinking that Mexicans are narcoterrorists, isn’t it? (BTW, Latinos make up 42.9% of the total Texas population.)

I’d suggest that the reason you had such a “bad experience” is simply because you, or someone else, had convinced you that you were going to be treated differently because you are Mexican. Did someone actually call you an “illegal” or is that just how it played out in your own mind because he didn’t say, “Welcome.” in quite the way you might have wanted? Why would you expect to be treated any differently by a Latino when

  1. he’s probably bored/stressed out of his mind at work and
  2. waaaay more than 1 in 5 people he sees during the day is probably Latino, too.

Sounds to me like you expected preferential treatment por La Raza.

You received exactly the same treatment that I, as a white male from the U.S., would have gotten.

Besides, has anyone ever been greeted with a big smile and a generous “welcome” by immigration authorities in the United States??? Of course, I can’t remember a time when I was treated that way by Mexican immigration – though I’ve never met a Caucasian INM officer either. LOL!

Day of the Children in CozumelI’ve traveled through many other parts of Mexico and I’ve not always been made to feel especially welcome, though I would certainly never characterize all Mexicans by my negative experiences. There are good people and bad people everywhere in the world – and I would **readily agree** that Cozumeleños are generally a more friendly and caring bunch than most I’ve met in my own travels. Perhaps that’s why I chose to live here.

But I have questions about that, too.

Is that because the island and those from here survive on tourism? Cozumel produces nothing (in an economic sense) except for reasonably happy tourists. Even if your work doesn’t bring you into direct contact with tourists or tourism your livelihood pretty much depends upon them… it’s the trickle down effects of the only product here: tourism.

One could easily make the argument that if people weren’t friendly to the tourists coming here and the island got a bad reputation, the island’s economy could collapse. That’s why everyone goes apeshit crazy when anything bad happens to a visitor.

So, is the reason that Cozumeleños are generally more warm and friendly because the “service attitude” has been ingrained into the local culture and its inhabitants over several decades??? It’s certainly not because all Mexicans are friendly…

I’ve seen way more homeless people and beggars in my last 3 years of travel through Latin America than I had in 37 years living in the United States and I feel much safer in most of the subway systems in the United States than I did in Mexico City.

It sounds to me like you need to travel more often… and with an open mind.

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L. Scott Harrell is a retired high profile private investigator and online entrepreneur. This is his personal blog and opinions on his travel; they may not reflect those of his sponsors and business partners. Posts may contain strong language and controversy.

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  1. Mick Russom says:

    Mexicans are scum and we have let too many in. These scum are stupid, they are violent, druggies unenlightened and don’t value education or getting out of the scum slime low level station in life. They are ignorant idiots that cant speak proper Spanish correctly nor English, wave their stupid flags and drink their garbage beer and cook their disgusting food which is dirty and stinks. Also Soccer pretty much sucks in general and the Mexicans suck at it. They refuse to play baseball or American football or anything we do here. Their music is pure dog crap as well. Horrible. Mexico is garbage and has done nothing in their history but debase the USA.

    • What an absolute racist and ignorant piece of trash you are, Mick. Your comment deserves no more attention or effort than that.

    • Jorge says:

      Im sorry you feel that way maybe you should like scott says trsvel a little bit more and then you will see that not all mexicans are like you say, and that every country in the world has druggies and criminals and violent people so please just dont classify an entire country for your little expirence. Good luck have a beautiful life.

  2. John says:

    Phili, Boston and New york city are the last places one would go to find friendly faces. In in mexico now and i think it sucks here. I thougt i woukd love it. All i get here are rude locals and peoole running scam afrer scam after scam. The amount of garbage and feces that is on every street is just astonishing. But there are many people i meet who love it here. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they lije being targeted for price hikes. My advice to the young lady is remeber that to you its new and exciting. To everyone else its just another day and they just want to get home and watch tv. This is how i started looking at the mexican people here in mexico and itbheloed turned my mind around.

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