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Global Cooling or Heating? Man-Made Climate Change is A Reality But So What?

October 17, 2014 0 Comments
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L Scott Harrell on Global Warming and Climate ChangeIn response to the above UPI article, titled “Antarctic sea ice shows record growth, climate change likely cause” that I shared and commented on my Facebook profile I received this response from a friend who very obviously cares for the planet and is way smarter than I about these issue:

The article says: “Antarctic sea ice is seeing a rapid period of growth this year”. The key phrase is “this year”. You must have seen measurements that indicate ice cap reduction, year after year. These are the extreme weather conditions that are described as part of climate change.

So Scott, if you don’t believe there’s anthropogenic climate change (not “global warming”) you should explain the processes that are absorbing or neutralizing the pollutants going into the sea, air and land, or why these “unnatural contaminants” have no effect on environmental conditions, when everything else does. Also you can discuss what you think is motivating the absolute majority of scientist to support a “theory” that is total bullshit. What is the payback? In science there are always opposing views for every “accepted fact”, but to be valid the opposing view needs to have some basic observable facts that can support it. I’ve seen many arguments against all the talking points related to anthropogenic climate change but I haven’t seen the facts that support the possibility of a perfectly natural process that is part of “global evolution”.

I honestly would like to hear your explanation because I consider you a very intelligent person. That’s the reason I left this off the comments on your post.

And if after reading this you have any doubt of what I think of you, re-read the last message on your Inbox, just above this one. Even though I believe you’re a true Pirate, that opinion still holds.

I responded thusly, perhaps waxing on just a bit too much:

First, please understand that my comments in that specific post were meant to highlight the parody of the argument about climate change – but more, specifically, global warming vs. global cooling.

Man made climate change is in fact a reality, but let’s not get into the semantics about whether the globe is cooling or warming.

global warming is a hoax because it is cold outsideOur existence on Earth has most definitely precipitated an evolutionary change; one which we cannot fully describe or quantify – and perhaps most unsettling, one that doesn’t have an outcome. The only way to qualify or quantify an outcome is to measure or describe it at a specific time. Because the earth will be here far longer than we, it is immeasurable (by us anyway) thus anything other than the very certain cosmic ending to our planet is only a stage of development. Call it the evolution of Earth.

Sad? Some might think so. I certain abhor much of the negative results that we can in fact realistically control – but I’m also mindful that humans are temporary. We will be long gone before this planet dies from “natural causes” (in the greater sense of its existence in the cosmos) and when we are gone a new reality will have replaced us. What that will look like is beyond the scope of my imagination.

Let me also add that I am not a nihilist; just because we may not be here 10,000 years from now, does not mean that we don’t have a duty to leave this place in a better condition that we found it for our children. On a much grander scale, we also have a duty to be good steward of the **living and breathing** planet on which live, regardless for how long.

My post was not necessarily meant to be “intellectually honest” and that many times I do, admittedly, pander to some segments of my social media audience. I mean c’mon look at how I addressed germ warfare and the 5 second rule of food dropping on the ground

As there is no doubt that we have caused climate change it is also undeniable that the Earth has gone through geologic periods of massive atmospheric and climate upheaval during which would not have otherwise supported human life… undoubtedly she will go through many of these periods in her future. Extinction events happen (there have essentially been 5 so far) and humans cannot escape that reality – whether it happens next week or next year or 10,000 years from now.

As of a few moments ago, it looks like it might happen sooner rather than later:

I’m not that guy that will point blank say, “Who cares? We’re doomed as a species anyway.” but taking our social ethics and responsibility to many future generations out of the equation (let’s hope that we don’t cause our own demise), who is to say that any outcome of our climate change is positive or negative? Do we, as humans, feel better for having someone or something to blame? I think so. As a species that unequivocally must live a life fully aware of our own impending demise but, as a whole, never fully appreciate that life ends, we must blame someone or something to rationalize our fear of death and dying.

A lot of people forget that the mess we’re in now is as a direct result of our eternal quest to prolong our own lives and making ourselves more comfortable while we are here. Put bluntly, “anthropogenic climate change” is a direct cause of humans doing what we do best, what we’re programmed to do:

Avoid pain and move towards pleasure.

Is it not?

So, in light of climate change and its deleterious effects on us NOW, we again (predictably) must avoid the pain and find a way to change it. We want to REVERSE climate change because we know what it used to be like (we lived), which of course is better than the unknown (though I am not using the phrase “unknown outcome”).


Funny how we’re just now coming to that conclusion – AGAIN.

People have been creating environmental and atmospheric change for as long as we’ve recorded history – using the natural resources within reach unavoidably causes a ripple in the **current** (geologic time) homogeny nature has developed. We require Earth’s resources to live. We cannot be so sensitive that we cannot justify living.


Through experience comes knowledge. We KNOW now that there is a better way. We know that, to some extent, we can reduce our impact on nature. Those resources of which we are most in need, water, food, energy can be managed in a massively more sustainable way. In many cases we can repair the damage which we’ve caused, too.

The conclusion is this: The real problem is not recognizing or even admitting climate change, it is about finding the ETHOS on a human scale to do something about it.

That, however, comes with change. Change is uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is a state of being that humans instinctively move away from.

Our ethos is not aligned with our pathos, despite the logos, and, as a result, our existence is on an unmanageable trajectory that we cannot (will not) alter because we cannot even define when or where it will take us.

The pain of here and now is way more REAL than the circumstances of even a lifetime away in which we won’t even exist.

< fin >

Well, what do you think, Dear Reader? How concerned are YOU about climate change? More importantly, what are you willing to do about it? Leave you comments below…

About the Author:

L. Scott Harrell is a retired high profile private investigator and online entrepreneur. This is his personal blog and opinions on his travel; they may not reflect those of his sponsors and business partners. Posts may contain strong language and controversy.

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