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This Blog’s History


Old El Scott Harrell Blog

this day has been a long time coming; the resurgence of the El Scott Harrell Blog and an attempt to restore my alter ego to its former glory.

Those of you who might have been here years ago probably remember that my blog could get a bit lawless and uncultured:

  • My place to take bullies and morons to task and make them famous for their misdeeds.
  • Voodoo hexes raining down those who deserved them.
  • Off-colored, profane and “Little Johnny” jokes.
  • Political opinion.
  • Advice for private investigators and bail enforcement agents.
  • And anything else I foisted on my Dear Readers.

That all ended when I decided to merge my former online training and media business with a multi-million dollar investigative database provider and data broker to go to work as their Director of e-Media and Brand Management, an executive-level management position with a lot of latitude, a big ol’ salary, an expense account that made the CFO weep, and…

a tight-fitting corporate muzzle.

I’ll never forget the day that the president of the company asked me to remove anything remotely offensive and political; I was told that some of the partners fancied themselves a bit political and my clear conservative and libertarian views somehow threatened their aspirations or their work on behalf of the business.

I choked.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I do not mince words, pull punches or abide being censored. I was pretty pissed and conflicted but removed upwards of 200 posts thinking that I was moving towards something bigger and brighter. I never really considered that I was selling myself out – which of course, I had.

When I was done removing those posts I surveyed what was left of my blog and just never found the passion to post again.

That was the day I knew it could never work between me and that company but I trudged on for a few more months solidifying my popularity among my professional peers, wining and dining the hell out of them because I liked to and staying in really nice hotels in fabulous locations.


Even that got old after a short time; I missed my wife and very young daughters and there were some missed opportunities developing at “work,” so decided to eject, ejeCT, EJECT after exactly one year.

I took my digital media and training company back and never looked in the rear-view mirror. That portion of my business continued to grow and revenues soared. A few weeks from now, as I am writing this (October 2012), those digital properties – my babies – will be under the control of StoryboardEMP, LLC and I will have achieved something of an early retirement. In this transition, I am experiencing something of a resurgence and my passion is finding its way to the surface again. I’m sure that I’ll be experiencing separation anxiety, confusion, wanderlust, boredom, and terror, which I am also certain will be great fodder for emotional blog posts.

In the last couple of years, there’s been a nagging desire in the back of my mind to fire up the blog again… I managed to save quite a bit of the old blog, but a couple of technical glitches in transferring the database from LiveJournal and porting it into WordPress sounded the death knell and all was lost.  So we’re back to square one here.

What’s the El Scott Harrell Blog going to be about?

New Scott Harrell Blog TopicsHonestly, I don’t know yet. Social media has made it so easy for me to develop an audience and share the stuff that interests me with them through VERY LITTLE EFFORT. I’m hoping to start deploying a lot more video!

Whatever this blog becomes, it needs to be well worth the effort of creating new and original content. We’ll just see what happens but I’m certain that it will be the confluence of my other social media accounts, opinion and the genesis of two other projects that I am really excited about right now:

To be sure, this is my personal blog and does not represent the opinions or views of those who work in the companies I continue to operate or have represented in the past. If you like the clean-cut super professional L. Scott Harrell, I have started a counterpoint blog at Here, I will undoubtedly piss some people off, but that just comes with the territory sometimes. I’ve always told those who work with me, “Thick skin is the business we’re in.

So buckle up buttercup and take cover!

It feels good to get back in the saddle and I hope that you’ll ride along with me. Please give me feedback by leaving comments, whether you love me or hate me, and sharing my posts with your own social networks.


El Scott Harrell

May the Bridges I Burn Today Light the Way to Ones I'll Torch Tomorrow!